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 AsteriskJava - How to include in codecharge?????

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Posted: 04/01/2008, 7:14 AM

Hi Guys,

I am looking to use asterisk-java ( with codecharge. I have moved the .jar file to my classpath on both the development machine, and the Tomcat6 server. I have been able to compile a test piece of code OK, but I can't get it to work properly.

Looking at the asterisk-java website, it recommends ( putting some XML into applicationContext.xml to start the asteriskjava thread; I have tried putting it in this file within CCSBuild/Config, and also naming it context.xml (as somebody else suggested), but neither of these files appear to get called/executed to start the code.

As you are by now probably aware, I am no expert in either Java or Tomcat, an have previously used CC exclusively with PHP. My current customer demands the use of Java for portability/future proofing/etc. and I am struggling to make this work (I am sure I am just missing something blindingly obvious!)

I appreciate that I could configure Tomcat independently for this (although I wouldn't know how :-( ), but am looking to be able to deploy a single WAR file to a clean copy of Tomcat/MySQL/Asterisk, with all configuration handled by the application.

If context.xml/applicationContext.xml doesn't work with CC, is there an equivalent xml file / code sample that does what I need?

I suppose CC was never really designed to do this sort of thing, but it would be fantastic if I could get this to work, as the functionality that asteriskjava gives me is far beyond anything I could achieve with Asterisk just by manipulating the MySQL Asterisk Realtime database via CC.

Hope you can help

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