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 New line or break line on TextArea Fields

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Posted: 12/14/2005, 12:25 PM

In the before update and before insert event (for the textarea), place the following code.

Dim sResult
sResult = RecordName.TextAreaFieldName.Value

sResult = Replace(sResult, vbCRLF, "<br>")

Testing For Chr(13) only looks for the Carriage Return... not the line feed as well. So you need to perform the replace on the combination of the two - or vbCRLF.

Chr(13) + Chr(10) Carriage return–linefeed combination

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Posts: 181
Posted: 12/14/2005, 12:26 PM

Sorry, didn't notice page two - and then saw it had already been answered.

My apologies.
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Posted: 01/26/2006, 2:51 AM

Quote test:
<font size=72>test</font>
Posted: 02/11/2006, 5:24 AM

this works totally fine for me :

// break line
$text = eregi_replace("\n","<br>",$text);
Posted: 02/22/2006, 2:41 PM

The problem is, you cannot insert the line breaks in VBScript, I know because I have been messing with the problem for awhile and gave up on it after awhile after trying everything. I was told to come back and fix the problem and finally I was able to, but not through vbscript, through javascript. You need to create a javascript function to insert the line break, and then run that function from the vbscript. So in javascript lets say you have a textarea box named TextareaText. You could then run the following javascript to grab the current value of the textarea and append the line break to the end:

document.all('TextareaText').value = document.all('TextareaText').value + '\n';

If you want to run this from vbscript put it in a function and just call the function name from within vbscript to execute a line break, for instance if the javascript function is named TextareaLineBreak and you wanted to insert a line break after the current text in the textarea box, then insert new text you could simply put the following in your vbscript:

document.body.all("TextareaText").value = TextareaLineBreak() + 'this text will appear on a new line'

I just tested this and it works fine
Posted: 02/22/2006, 9:08 PM

Quote Solster:
It works when you replace with "\n" in double quotes, and doesn't work in single quotes. Donno why.

<textarea name="Address" rows="5" cols="35"><?php echo str_replace('<br>', "\n", $myrow["Address"]); ?></textarea>

Amazingly, the double quotes was the trick in PHP. Thanks.

Posted: 04/08/2006, 10:55 PM

Hey guys,
Thank u very much for this group discussion,
I got my solution...:-)
Posted: 05/29/2006, 12:36 PM

In php (and other I suppose) the single quote mark ( 'text' ) prints out the exact text inside the quote. so if you want to replace <br> with a line break you should NOT do something like this:

$whatever = str_replace('<br>', '\n', $text)

cuz if will infact be puting \\n into the text ( \\ beeing the special char to print \ and then adding the n)

This however would work and put a line break for each <br>:

$whatever = str_replace("<br>", "\n", $text)

And thx everybody.. this discussion really helped me :)
Posted: 05/31/2006, 6:29 PM

in php you can do this:

echo str_replace("<br />", chr(13), "blah <br /> blah");


Posted: 06/15/2006, 7:07 PM

Programming text into the Textarea I was having the same problems with \n returning just n, \n\n returning nn, and <br> displaying as <br>.

After trying the double slashes it worked. ie \\n

Posted: 06/16/2006, 3:24 AM

i had the same problem, but now it's solved...
"\n" makes a new line in textarea...

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