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 How to create and pass session from login page...

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How to create and pass session from login page...
Posted: 03/05/2004, 6:38 AM

I have simple database with

I need to be able to create a group adminstrator how is "managing" users within its company

i.e.: admin loggs in, system recognises that he has a companyID, "prints" it out in header, for instance, and the when he / she create a new user that comanyID is passed further.

I presume - from last posting - it should be done via sessions.

How do I creat / set a session for countryID and pass it from login.php to list.php

What I've done so far:

Created custom session id in login page in Buyddon_DoLogin > OnClick (Server)

//Custom Code @8-ADD652EE
// -------------------------
global $Login;
global $DBConnection1;
$CompanyID = CCDLookUp("companyID","user","user_id=".CCGetUserID(), $DBConnection1);
// -------------------------
//End Custom Code

Is it correct?

If yest then

1 how do I make the $CopmpanyID "become" a lable
2 how do I filter a record set using datasource / session...

I presume i need the 1) to make sure that the sesion has been passed.

Please advise

Michael Mikkelsen
Posted: 03/08/2004, 10:05 AM

How many times are you going to ask the same question?


Posted: 03/09/2004, 5:12 AM

Quote Michael Mikkelsen:
How many times are you going to ask the same question?


I was looking for the help. :-<

And the post you suggest DID NOT GIVE ME the answer...:-(

But I found the way out :-)- though it took me over two weeeks :(

It's the work with CCSetSession and CCGetSession - nothing was mentioned about it in
:-/ :-/

It I found more or less understandable explantion as to how to use these two function (?)

I am sorry if I abused YOUR time - all I needed - help / assistance. And I was given support only in using UserID as a session BUT not in setting a session and its further usage.

Now you / CCForum can add this article to knowledge base like:

See CCSetSession and CCGetSession and see article

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