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 Multiple Page form....PK ID is entered by user

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Ken Hamilton
Posted: 01/12/2004, 10:33 AM

I have a multiple page form where the end user enters in the Primary Key (Customer Number) on the first page of the form. I am trying to get that number to the subsequent pages of the form. Example:

Page1 CustomerInfo CustomerID(PK)
Page2 ContactInfo ContactinfoID(PK), CustomerID(FK)
Page3 BillingInfo BillinginfoID(PK), CustomerID(FK)

My question is am I even in the right ballpark by doing this and if so how do I get the customerID to flow to the other pages?

Posted: 01/13/2004, 2:12 AM

I'll propose to you to use example like in (CCSExamplePack/Multiple Page) it is working very good. You can modify than comparing to your needs.
It is not necessary to pas costumerID through all pages. You can use an automatic generated ID that will stay hidden and also another costumerID for your needs.

Hope it will help

By LuckyStar
Posted: 01/13/2004, 9:19 PM


I just dealt with this problem in php. I don't have the code here but I will post my solution for you tommorrow. You need to set the primary key from your record form on the after insert event via custom code. You then retrieve that primary key on your next form on the before show event of your second page. Your table structure is simailar to mine so things shouldn't change much.


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