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 Has code charge always been this slow and frustrating to work with?

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Posts: 8
Posted: 06/26/2017, 5:40 PM

I am returning to code charge after a few years as I have a need to build something that requires it. I am finding it frustrating and slow to the point of being unusable. Every click is a wait while the software flickers. I feel an affinity with punch card programmers of years past! I remember the application being a little slow but I think its gotten far worse while the computer I am using has gotten a lot better. Am I missing something? A setting or something that I can change to make this software usable again? My original plan was to build the solution in fabrik/joomla but came across some issues. The time lag is so bad that I am getting plenty to time to to research the issues while code charge is saving or I have clicked on a different page. I have around 6 pages in the application.
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Posts: 2
Posted: 06/27/2017, 12:06 PM

Im not sure what is going on. I have been waiting on a call back to get it installed right. I have worked with a diff version before with good success, but this is unacceptable. 6 days and no contact by email or phone or the web portal. I have stopped payment on the software and disputing the charge. No one answers the phone for any dept. very unprofessional
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Posts: 8
Posted: 06/27/2017, 8:59 PM

Some of the wait times I am experiencing are:

Clicking from design to html tab: 40 seconds wait
Saving the project (10 pages) 1 min 20 seconds
Publish: 10 minutes

In most cases every click represents a 30 - 60 second wait.
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Posts: 55
Posted: 07/29/2017, 7:18 PM

again, based on my experience version is kinda stable in win10 creator's update. version 4.3 is stable as well. I recommend you use at least 4gb of RAM. I never experienced that lag in switching between design and code view.

FYI I do not use built-in design templates from CCS, I use bootstraps ;)
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Posts: 14
Posted: 11/06/2017, 5:29 AM

I am facing a similar issue. Not sure, why isn't it letting me post
- Shreya Pandey ( Private Consultant)
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Posts: 869
Posted: 12/07/2017, 2:29 PM

I have never experience the kind of lag you are talking about.
The only lag I get with a new install is the Autocomplete function in the Settings. I turn that off and the lag goes away.

Make sure you have nothing running in memory.. then try a fresh install if that doesnt work.

Now..with that said I am using CCS4 on WIndows 7....
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Posts: 42
Posted: 12/08/2017, 2:32 PM

Took a client wanting me to use 5.1 before I would trust in it. I came from first version till latest. I had lots of problems and still keep a copy of 4.3 for some projects and just in case. Biggest things that helped me where:

1) Best to have lots of memory at least 8gb. I think CCS was written without regard to when you run out of memory, it just seems to freeze and/or corrupt things.
1) Take lots of copies of things you get working. If you corrupt a file using CCS in some way they didn't code for (example: using design mode versus html mode to add stuff), you will need a good copy.
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