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 PHP/Sqlite Configuration

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Posted: 04/12/2016, 8:33 AM

I've been using CCS for about 10 years but always with the .Net templates. I need to create a small php webapp that will ultimately run on a Raspberry Pi but first I need to get it working on my desktop. This is my first time doing anything with PHP so I'm a PHP newbie.

I have Apache and PHP 5.6 installed on my desktop (and enabled the Sqlite extensions) and am using version of CCS. I setup an ODBC connection for Sqlite and I can see the tables in the IDE. I created a simple record page for updating a configuration record. The primary key parameter is set to a URL and the page comes up fine in Insert mode. There is already one record in this table. If I add the pk query string parameter to the url the page is completely blank. I added the following to the top of the page (inside the opening php tag), but I still get a blank page.

ini_set('display_errors', 1);  
error_reporting(E_ALL | E_STRICT);

I'm thinking it has something to do with the connection's Server configuration. I set the PHP Database Library to SQLite and tried several connection strings in "Database or ODBC connection name." I tried the ODBC name I used for design mode, "Data Source="..."; Version="3" (both with and without double quotes), and just the path to the database. All without success. Hopefully someone can help me figure out the proper connection string for a Sqlite database.

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Posted: 04/12/2016, 7:08 PM

You can turn on Error Reporting within the CodeCharge Project Settings.
No need to manually put in the code.

Regardless, I see the same thing you do in a standard XAMP setup. No
errors reported in PHP nor Apache, just a blank page. Did a raw PHP
test to the SQLite database:

$db = new SQLite3('test.db');

$results = $db->query('SELECT * FROM people');
while ($row = $results->fetchArray()) {

And works great. So I have to believe it's an error in the CodeCharge
db_sqlite.php (or similar). Open a ticket with support.

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Posted: 04/13/2016, 9:54 AM

Thanks for looking into this. I switched to MySql and it's working on both desktop and the Raspberry Pi.

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Posted: 04/14/2016, 6:31 AM

Okay, per Greg w/support, for the connection's server settings use ODBC
for the PHP Database Library, choose SQLite for the Database, and for
the Database or ODBC Connection Name use:

Driver={SQLite3 ODBC Driver};Database=c:/path/to/your/database.db

They're looking into why native PHP SQLite connections aren't working.

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Posted: 04/14/2016, 8:47 AM

Thanks for the info. Does the SQLite3 ODBC driver work under Linux/Raspberry Pi?

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Posted: 04/14/2016, 9:29 AM

You'll install unixodbc and unixodbc-devel and do the applicable

If you wanna make that RP a little tighter look at also using Nginx or
Lighthttpd instead of Apache.

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