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 error post question

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Posts: 13
Posted: 03/26/2016, 12:48 PM

ok I have been through this code 80 million ways with no results..

ok notice how when a field is required or any given error here is what I am trying to do

instead of posting all errors at once can I post them 1 field at a time example

default code

//Validate Method @2-0E6C0929
function Validate()
global $CCSLocales;
$Validation = true;
$Where = "";
$Validation = ($this->username->Validate() && $Validation);
$Validation = ($this->email->Validate() && $Validation);
$Validation = ($this->pwd->Validate() && $Validation);
$Validation = ($this->birthdate->Validate() && $Validation);
$Validation = ($this->country->Validate() && $Validation);
$this->CCSEventResult = CCGetEvent($this->CCSEvents, "OnValidate", $this);
$Validation = $Validation && ($this->username->Errors->Count() == 0);
$Validation = $Validation && ($this->email->Errors->Count() == 0);
$Validation = $Validation && ($this->pwd->Errors->Count() == 0);
$Validation = $Validation && ($this->birthdate->Errors->Count() == 0);
$Validation = $Validation && ($this->country->Errors->Count() == 0);
return (($this->Errors->Count() == 0) && $Validation);
//End Validate Method

//CheckErrors Method @2-7068A8F2
function CheckErrors()
$errors = false;
$errors = ($errors || $this->username->Errors->Count());
$errors = ($errors || $this->email->Errors->Count());
$errors = ($errors || $this->pwd->Errors->Count());
$errors = ($errors || $this->birthdate->Errors->Count());
$errors = ($errors || $this->country->Errors->Count());
$errors = ($errors || $this->Errors->Count());
$errors = ($errors || $this->DataSource->Errors->Count());
return $errors;
//End CheckErrors Method

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Posts: 513
Posted: 03/26/2016, 5:06 PM

@phpGeek - the built in validation will do them all at once and put the results in the ErrorBlock at the top of the form. The code you show is not stopping after each error, just setting up the flags and error messages so it will show them at the end.

You can add your own labels and set errors for specific fields to put the errors in them - look in the Textbox Properties for 'Error Control' - that might give you more control over the errors appearing, but it will still all be at once.

Unless you really need to show each error separately, I would just accept the way CCS does it and move on, otherwise, I would suggest a jquery form validation which will show up as you enter stuff (eg: )



CCS 3/4/5 ASP Classic, VB.NET, PHP
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
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Visually create Web Reports in PHP, ASP, .NET, Java, Perl and ColdFusion.

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