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 Copying One CCP To Another Creates Error 500

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Posted: 09/18/2015, 2:54 PM


We have an ANCIENT web site which was created in CCS3.2 ASP 'classic'. The boss asked us to create a -very- slightly revised version of an existing page (A Search box on top of a Grid) which was generated by CCS.

In recent years, when something like this has come up with we've been able to simply copy the 3 generated files (.HTML, the ASP file and the ASP Events file) to new names, edit the file references and tweak.

But with the file we've been trying, it generates the dreaded Error 500.

The main difference between the files that we have been able to successfully and edit and this one is that this was generated from a Grid with a 'MAINT' template and the ones that work properly have been generated from a 'REPORT' template. (I hope I'm using the proper terminology.)

I've long ago forgotten most of my ASP skills. I'm hoping that there is some -obvious- issue that I'm missing here.

My WAG is that there is something in the file name itself with this Grid/Maint template that needs to match besides the obvious ones (eg. LinkCloseWindow.Page = "PRODUCTLOTS_list.asp")

FWIW, the page is throwing the error at


...which is after the security check and most of the vars have been DIMed.

1. Is there some obvious thing that I missed in renaming the text?

2. Is there some way to drill down to exactly -where- the error is? To test for vars that have not been properly initialised? To view the state of the various objects? Since there are so many objects and procedures that get called before ChildControls.Show I can't figure out -which- object is the problem.

One last thing... we actually tried re-publishing from CCS3 but apparently, CCS3 doesn't get on well with Windows 8.1... it crashes when we try to change the Server Settings for the Project. So we're kinda stuck with handcoding.

Thanks In Advance!
---On a campaign for more examples and better docs!
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