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 load web page without that report make sql query

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Posted: 09/13/2012, 8:24 AM

Can some one help me.
I have made page with report builder page.
Cause it will take very long to generate report, I'll get timeout.
Can I make page that it will open at first time so it won't make sql query or the query will take just last row from sql table. This is for reason that if I add date at record seach and push the search button, it will give quite fast response.

If I make SQL query with SQL tool, I'll get reply right away. With ASP web page even 100 lines will give waiting for 5mins. Can this be wrongly configured IIS case or what it can be. If this is wrongly configured IIS, can someone help me do it right?

If we use SELECT TOP 100 * instead of SELECT * at SQL query, the web page is quite fast.
But this won't work with us, cause there will be time when all data is needed.

I have quite angry customer and I don't know what to do. Help is needed.

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Posts: 124
Posted: 09/13/2012, 10:05 AM

I've had this issue as well. The Report tool seems to be way too slow in most cases. I've worked around this in two different ways. I've reworked my source SQL to improve efficiency so the report application doesn't have to do so much work. However, that didn't work well everywhere and I was still stuck. I also wonder if something isn't configured right on our end, but my work around for the initial display was to add a parameter that I could use to indicate that the page is being displayed for the first time and then in the before Build Select event I added logic to check for this parameter. If I find the parameter, I dynamic code to the report query's WHERE clause that will ensure no data is found to display (or maybe in your case, only the first record is found) so the page comes up quicker.

So, I'm not sure either of these ideas are what you are looking for, or even correct, but it is what has worked for me at times. Hope it helps you some.
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