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 Newbie Form Question.

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Posts: 45
Posted: 09/07/2010, 10:13 AM

Good day, I am "Really new" to CCS4 so please bear with me if I ask several dumb questions over the next little while.

Some general info first, I've downloaded the evaluation version and still have 10 days left, so there is no rush and I have a form that has the following general layout: Table B is related to Table A (via an indexed link field).

Questions are:
1) When I purchase, will the upgrade wipe out my current settings, change my project etc, or is it just a matter of eventering the Serial Number and continue on,

2) Regarding my form layout above, I need to place onto the form two fields (columns) from two other tables that I can retrieve using an MS SQL query using the same type of indexed field. If a user clicks on one of the fields, I need to go to another page using the information from the table data that is displayd on the page that the user clicked. How would I do this?

3) If I have 3 related tables, how can I display contents on one page. For example, Table B data is retrieved for the PK in Table A (that's fine), but I need to display on the page data from Table C related to A via an indexed value. The builder only seems to allow me to build pages with two related tables.

I appologize in advance if these have been addressed elsewhere, but I couldn't find anything specific enough to deal with my questions.

Thanks to all.
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Posts: 154
Posted: 09/12/2010, 3:32 PM

1) pretty certain you enter the serial number and all settings are preserved. It is across upgrades. Your project wouldn't be affected, and any styles you create or modify would be safe in the program file structure.

2) creating lists whith links to individual record forms is meat and drink to CCS. In fact, there is a wizard that will create both the list and the record forms in one go ("Grid and Record builder" on the Builders tab of the toolbox.) It puts them both on the same page I think, but it's easy to cut and paste a form to a new page (at least, in their as-generated state). To do it manually, use the Link control in your grid. Help article - not the clearest article, but might give you an overview.

3) Your datasource doesn't have to be a single table. There's a query builder that allows you to build SQL - similar in function to the view builder in SQL server - to fill your grid. YOu can also use stored procedures (though without sorting or paging I think). See the "visual query builder" screenshots at the top of - the help files have irritating animated GIF screenshots, so you may have to wait for it to appear. The example has 5 linked tables.

The kind of thing you're asking about won't tax CCS very much - it should do it well, and adds other easy-to-use features such as field validation and user authentication. It's when you want to take application design further - where you need to start coding application logic, or add ajax features for example - that CCS will either intrigue, delight or frustrate you!

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Posts: 45
Posted: 09/12/2010, 8:18 PM

Thanks for the help here Andrew and my other post in GUI - you rock. I actually was not expecting a reply on the weekend, so you are saving me tons of time :-)

I'm really digging into this 'Bad Boy', there are some really cool and gifted things in here and I'm sure I'll be bothering you folks more.

Again, thanks a bunch for this and my post in GUI.

Rocket man...
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