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 Omit if Empty

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Posted: 07/16/2010, 5:42 AM

I usually use CCS for PHP programming, but today I need to modify ASP app written with CCS.

How can I use omit if empty feature in ASP?

I have a record form with some fields on it which are specified in custom update method.
In particular situation I would like to exclude some of these fields from update operation, how can I achieve that?

I thought I could set the particular field to NULL (Empty in ASP I guess) in BEFORE UPDATE event, but it doesn't seem to work.

I dug into the source code generated by css:

Dim IsDef_Invest_Year : IsDef_Invest_Year = CCIsDefined("Invest_Year" , "Control")  
Dim IsDef_Invest_Month : IsDef_Invest_Month = CCIsDefined("Invest_Month" , "Control")  

If Not UpdateOmitIfEmpty("SiteID") Or IsDef_SiteID Then Cmd.AddSQLStrings "[SiteID]=" & Connection.ToSQL(Cmd.Parameters.getParamByID(1), Cmd.Parameters.getParamByID(1).DataType), Empty  
If Not UpdateOmitIfEmpty("Invest_Year") Or IsDef_Invest_Year Then Cmd.AddSQLStrings "[Invest_Year]=" & Connection.ToSQL(Cmd.Parameters.getParamByID(2), Cmd.Parameters.getParamByID(2).DataType), Empty  


'CCIsDefined @0-519FFE4F  
  Function CCIsDefined(ParameterName, Scope)  
   Select Case Scope  
     Case "URL"   
        CCIsDefined = Not IsEmpty(Request.QueryString(ParameterName))  
     Case "Form","Control"  
        If IsMutipartEncoding Then  
    	  CCIsDefined = Not IsEmpty(objUpload.Form(ParameterName))  
    	  CCIsDefined = Not IsEmpty(Request.Form(ParameterName))  
    	End If  

... and it seems to me that if I have some data submitted by the form (in POST) then I cannot omit that data in the query ... but since I use ASP very rarely I might be wrong and I hope I am wrong.
Could you advice how to proceed? Maybe there is different approach?

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Posts: 53
Posted: 07/16/2010, 10:31 AM

What does UpdateOmitIfEmpty() do? I couldn't find it in any of the common files.
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Posts: 3
Posted: 07/16/2010, 12:24 PM

UpdateOmitIfEmpty() is a function that returns boolean TRUE if particular field has (in custom update) defined if parameter is empty do not update the Field.
This setting depends (as far as I remember) on the general project setting Exclude missing fields/parameters from data updates.

In PHP in CCS I can do the following.
I have a record form and 5 fields that are used in UPDATE.
If based on some condition I want to exclude a field from update it is enough to set its value to NULL or to remove the array field responsible for that field, e.g.
$Component->UpdateFields["SiteID"]["Value"] = NULL;  

I couldn't find the counterpart in ASP.

For the time being I created the second form with only a few fields that are being updated and I show one of the forms depends of what I want to update. But I don't like that "solution".


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Posts: 53
Posted: 07/16/2010, 12:35 PM

I did a quick test of IsEmpty with a querystring. I made a page that contains the following code.

<% = isempty( request.querystring("hello") ) %>  

If you visit the page with an empty querystring you'll see that isempty is true. However, if you include ?hello= as the querystring isEmpty returns false. It seems if the querystring or form item exists in the get/post request it is considered blank "" and not empty.

With this insight in mind the following code should get your function to return the desired result.

function UpdateOmitIfEmpty(param_name)  
    if request.form(param_name)&"" = "" then   
        ' it's blank/no value  
        UpdateOmitIfEmpty = true  
        ' it has  a value assigned  
        UpdateOmitIfEmpty = false  
    end if  
end function  
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