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 HTML List Sitemap in ASP

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Posted: 12/26/2009, 4:05 PM

Hi there, Ive just made a small class, cSitemap to grab from the classic Menu table we use to generate complex navigations;

The tbMenu fields are: Menu_Id, Menu_Parent_Id, Title, h_ref

And the class code:

Class cSitemap  
Private oConn  
Private sList  
Private mList  
Private lId  
Private SQL  
Public Function Init  
	Set oConn = New clsDBcnx_te_front 'clase de codecharge connection  
End Function  
Public Function List(oSet)  
	If oSet.BOF and oSet.EOF Then  
	sList = sList & "<ul>" & vbLf  
	Do While Not oSet.EOF  
		If lid<>0 Then  
			sList = sList & "<li><a href='" & oSet.Fields("h_ref").Value & "'>" & oSet.Fields("Title").Value & "</a></li>"  
			'Recursive call  
			sList = sList & "<li>" & oSet.Fields("Title").Value & "</li>" & vbLf  
		End If  
	sList=sList & "</ul>" & vbLf  
	End If  
	List = sList  
End Function  
Public Function SubList(Parent_Id)  
	If IsNull(Parent_Id) Or Not IsNumeric(Parent_Id) Then  
	 SQL = "SELECT * FROM tbMenu WHERE 0=1"  
	 SQL = "SELECT * FROM tbMenu WHERE Menu_Parent_Id=" & Parent_Id  
	End If  
	Set SubList = CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")  
	SubList.Open SQL, oConn.Connection  
End Function  
End Class  

Just drop it as an includable, then rename the connection accordingly, and you are ready to go; You just use it as this:

Dim oMap  
Set oMap = New cSitemap  

Where label1 should be set as HTML and 0 is my root cat, you could use any Id to show just one category.

Glad to share, comments welcome
Yes! I Can!!!
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