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 CodeCharge under Ubuntu + Crossover 7

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Posts: 24
Posted: 10/10/2008, 2:31 PM

Recently I have get virus in my PC with Vista. I really bored about viruses so I try another solution, make CCS4.1 available on linux.

The steps are very simple.

1) Install Ubuntu 8.04.
2) Update Ubuntu until says that there is no more updates available.
3) Install Crossover 7.
4) Install windows software by Crossover menu on the same bootleneck. I use the same win2000 for all my installs: CrossOver HTML engine, DCOM98, Internet Explorer 6, Shockwave player 8.5, MFC Libraries for ActiveX, Microsoft .NET 2.0.
5) Download MSXML3msms.exe it will install all necessary files to support CCS under Crossover without this will not work.
6) Download and install CCS4.1.
7) Install again in the same bottleneck ODBC drivers for MySQL, PostGreSQL, etc.
7) Enjoy.

Until now I was able to open proyects on php, asp, cfml, and work with MySQL, PostGreSQL, Oracle over ODBC drivers, also code completition, custom events and code generacion work OK.

Jose Maldonado
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Posts: 43
Posted: 03/20/2009, 5:13 PM

I Just managed to install CCS4 on Mandriva. I did not download the MSXML3msms.exe but I installed almost every possible windowservice available in crossover.
I have a hard time configuring mysql on mandriva so i have not conected with anything yet. It really is refreshing not to have to defrag or to worry about viruses. If I can get CCS to work perfectly on Linux I am going to stick to it. Great tip this thanks - (even if I had to try and error a bit).

How exactly did you connect your php/mysql projects?
"I know a 100 ways on how it does not work"
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Posts: 333
Posted: 03/22/2009, 7:03 PM

I use it under virtualbox. I can reboot between Windows and Linux and use the same project. More: I can use the same virtual machine file, so everything modified under linux will be also availble on windows and viceversa.
Melvyn Perez
Puro Codigo
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Posts: 43
Posted: 03/24/2009, 4:32 AM

Suns virtualbox is nice! I have it on my laptop just to test the distros out there. As I found out Crossover lets you access the Linux file structure so there should be no problems in setting up the environment.
When setting up files in the Linux structure, crossover gives the CCS the drive letter Y.
Publishing to my (soft linked) Linux public_html is no problem.
Accessing the generated pages from within Linux is no problem.

The only problem I have is that Live page in CCS cannot find the pages.
I have to change the path manually in CCS4. This is due to my softlinking of the server to my home area in Linux. It should work just fine if the server is accessed directly (my home area name is added in Linux when soft linked like this: http://localhost/ thomasbjo/test/NewPage1.php).
So I have to copy in thomasbjo in CCS4 to get the live page path working.

This is actually a 99% - 100% working environment in Linux WOW!

"I know a 100 ways on how it does not work"
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Posts: 5
Posted: 04/01/2009, 4:37 AM

HI everyone.
I tried to install CCS using Crossover 7, but when i try to install DCOM98 on a win2000 bottle I get the message that it's not possible to install in an operating system not equal to Windows 98.

So, is it mandatory to install dcom98? And if yes how can I install it? CCS doesn't installs in a Win98 bottle...

:-/ :-/
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Posts: 43
Posted: 04/05/2009, 3:30 PM

I have not installed dcom98 in my win2000 botle. You could let crossover make a win 98 bottle to install it in - I did -, but I don't think that is important) .
You can install the following:
My 2000 bottle:

The Microsoftt XML Parser (MSXML) 3.0
Microsofft NET Framework 2.0
Micros. Data Access Component (MDAC) 2,5 Service Pack 3
MFC libvraries for ActiveX
Internet expl 6.0
Micro.s DirectX Runtime (Download)
Mysql ODBC Connector 5,1
I also installed the mediaplayer.

Hope this helps

"I know a 100 ways on how it does not work"
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Posts: 43
Posted: 05/13/2009, 2:49 AM

It seems I was a bit hasty in my enthusiasm here!

On a dual boot (not Virtual machine) CCS4.2 seems to work perfectly.

Conecting to Mysql is no problem so ODBC is working fine too.
Making changes and updating works.

BUT - the builders do not work. There is no reaction when pressing grid builder etc.
Generating a new page is the same thing - no reaction.

So it works just fine to tweak your website but not to generate a new project. I'll try to play around whith it to fix it. Meanwhile any further tip is more than welcome :(
"I know a 100 ways on how it does not work"
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Posts: 638
Posted: 05/14/2009, 2:13 PM

I have Ubuntu 9.04 and am attempting to get codecharge 4.2 running under WINE. Wine seems simpler to configure than crossover.

At first without having registered msxml3.dll I received a banner error as soon as the application was launched, upon registering it, that went away. Used terminal - Wine CMD [enter] , regsvr32 msxml3.dll [enter]

Now when trying to start CC 4.2 I am receiving a new error message:- " a critical error has occurred, application will be closed now"

In the bottom LH side of screen something about XML DOM...

I am considering running XP in a virtual machine , but I run dual screens and haven't yet tested that under QTemu

BTW - Melvyn thanks for the tip Active = 1 in login.

Central Coast, NSW, Australia.

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Posts: 53
Posted: 05/15/2009, 4:14 AM

Suns Virtualbox works fine for me ...
Italy - CodeCargeStudio ( - Dephi XE7 -
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Posts: 638
Posted: 05/22/2009, 5:25 AM

Have you tested it with dual screens?

My greatest issue is with NTFS.
I'd move mountains to get rid of it.
Central Coast, NSW, Australia.

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